Authentication Guides & Recipes

How JWT Works
Learn more about JWT and how it might differ from authentication methods you've used, previously. (This guide is a work in progress.)

What's new in feathers-authentication@1.x
The new feathers-authentication introduces a lot of changes. See what's new.

Migrating to feathers-authentication@1.x
See what needs to change to upgrade your existing Feathers application from feathers-authentication@0.7.x.

Auth Recipe: Customize the JWT Payload
You can customize the JWT payload. Learn important security implications before you decide to do it.

Auth Recipe: Customize the Login Response
Learn how you can customize the response after a user has attempted to login.

Auth Recipe: Create Endpoints with Mixed Auth
Learn how to setup an endpoint so that it handles unauthenticated and authenticated users with different responses for each.

Auth Recipe: Basic OAuth
Learn how OAuth (Facebook, Google, GitHub) login works, and how you can use it in your application.

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