Feathers basics

This guide will go over the basics and core concepts of any Feathers application.

Setting up

Learn about what is required to know and install to best learn and get started with Feathers.

Getting started

Create your first Feathers application that works in NodeJS and the browser.


The heart of every Feathers application and the core concept for abstracting data access.


Middleware for services to handle things like validation, authorization, logging, populating related entities, sending notifications and more.


Learn how to turn a service into a REST API.


Learn about the pre-built services for different databases.

Real-time APIs

Turn a database into a fully featured REST and real-time API.


Use a Feathers REST and real-time API server through Feathers in the browser.

The generator (CLI)

Shows how to install the Feathers CLI and the patterns it uses to structure an application.

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