# Getting started with Feathers

Welcome to the Feathers guides! This is the place to find all the resources to get started with Feathers.

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# The Feathers guide

The Feathers guide will walk you through all the important parts of Feathers. After setting up, the quick start gets you up and running with a Feathers REST API and real-time website in less than 15 minutes from scratch to give you an idea what Feathers is about.

In the next parts we will generate an application and then walk through Feathers core concepts like services, hooks and authentication by building a complete real-time chat application with a REST API and a website that can register users and send and receive messages in real-time. We will also add a login with GitHub and write unit tests for our API.

Get started with the Feathers guide >

# Follow up with

The API documentation >

The cookbook for common tasks and patterns >

The Awesome FeathersJS Ecosystem > (opens new window)

Feathers on YouTube > (opens new window)

# More about Feathers how and why

Read about the philosophy behind Feathers and where it came from > (opens new window)

Learn about the high level design patterns behind Feathers > (opens new window)

See how Feathers compares to others > (opens new window)

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