# Getting Help

There are many ways that you can get help if you are stuck or have a question about Feathers.

# Support Feathers, get help

By becoming a sponsor (opens new window) you support Feathers continued development and get access to a Feathers newsletter and tiers with 30 or 60 minute monthly office hour sessions to walk you through any issues you may be facing using FeathersJS. This may include architecture discussions, debug sessions, patterns, or more.

# Resources

Existing resources may already have an answer to your question, so it always makes sense checking them first:

The API documentation >

Read the FAQ >

Check our blog posts > (opens new window)

Search our GitHub issues > (opens new window)

Browse Feathers questions on Stackoverflow > (opens new window)

# Help channels

If none of those work it's a very real possibility that we screwed something up or it's just not clear. We're sorry 😥. We want to hear about it and are very friendly so feel free to come talk to us:

Join the Discord server > (opens new window)

Submit your issue to GitHub > (opens new window)

Ask on StackOverflow using the feathersjs tag > (opens new window)

Join the Russian Telegram chat > (opens new window)

Anything unclear or missing? Get help (opens new window) or Edit this page (opens new window)

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