# Frontend Frameworks

Feathers works the same on the server and on the client and is front-end framework agnostic. You can use it with Vue, React, React Native, Angular, or whatever other front-end tech stack you choose.

# Client Side Docs

If you want to learn how to use Feathers as a client in Node.js, React Native, or in the browser with a module loader like Webpack refer to the client API docs.

# The Feathers chat

The Feathers Chat application from guide gives a basic intro to using the Feathers Client in a vanilla JavaScript environment. That's a good place to start to see how things fit together. Framework specific repositories can be found at:

# Examples

Beyond the basics, see this list (opens new window) of Feathers examples in awesome-feathersjs (opens new window).

# Framework Integrations

See this list (opens new window) of Feathers front-end framework integrations if you are looking for something that makes Feathers even easier to use with things like React, Vue or others.

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